Who We Are

Who is Forward Finance

We accelerate cash flow for Farmers and Agri Contractors

Our data-informed cash flow acceleration products enable you to use your crop or contracting services,
together with your performance track record, as collateral to access your cash early.

Our highly motivated team of industry, data science, credit and
agri specialists are committed to understanding your ever changing needs.

We continuously challenge the status quo and seek ways to build ground-breaking products
that traditional institutions don’t offer.

Lets do this for youWhat Our Clients Say

Sugar Farmer

“Forward Finance backs ‘me’. They don’t need me to put up my farm as collateral but have provided funding against my good farming track record and crop delivery.”

Timber Contractor

“One of the most valuable benefits is that the facility need only be used when required thus accommodating our seasonal fluctuations.”

Macadamia Farmer

“The Forward Finance team has a deep understanding of the impact of seasonal variations in agriculture on cash flow and sound business practice.”

Sugar Farmer

“Forward Finance’s low friction, fast turn-around funding is painless. Very different to my prior experience of frustrating drawn out bureaucratic delays – Priceless.”

Blueberry Farmer

“Forward Finance’s products help where traditional institutions are unable to.”

Farming Contractor

“The team genuinely cares and works hard to find optimal solutions to my needs. It’s an authentic relationship of trust.”

Use your Crop Flow to unlock your Cash Flow