If you are a farmer or contractor that

  • Has unencumbered proceeds on crops/services committed to a single accredited Off-Taker
  • Is able to empower the operations by having accelerated cash flow
  • Has a good production track record
  • Has sound financial records
  • Is reliable and scrupulous
  • Understands the benefit, value and power of smoothing your cash flow over the season

Good, this is not a loan! Forward Finance is not loaning you money; but purchasing the proceeds to your crop or contracting service in advance. This will enable you to accelerate your cash flow debt free.

  • if you don’t spend your money wisely
  • your estimates are significantly different to your actual deliveries and/or if the price fluctuations are significant
  • If you don’t plan, taking your money early could result in stressing your cash flow later

Possibly, but most likely not. Here is why:

Overdrafts are onerous to obtain and come with many hidden costs.

With Forward Finance there are no hidden fees, the process to access your cash sooner is easier, you don’t need collateral other than that of your crop or service.

Yes and No.

  • Yes – Secured Loans often attract lower rates; however, are onerous to obtain and lock you in with costs accruing from day 1 – for the term of the loan. This impacts the total cost of funding which is more costly. Generally, term loans require sureties and and also come with many hidden costs.
  • No – Un-secured Loans, like overdrafts, attract high interest rates, hidden fees, non-utilization and cancellation fees that costly. With Forward Finance you are getting off balance sheet access to funding, and not incurring a loan; we purchase the right to your crop or contracting service to enable you to get access to your cash sooner, and secure this via a cession over your proceeds and you only pay on the days you need it.

Farmers and contractors who

  • Are in distress and require recovery assistance
  • Are in need of longer-term finance to cover multiple seasons/years
  • Require asset based finance