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Benefits to YouThe Power of Cash Working for You

Not having to wait for prolonged payout periods after crop or service delivery means you have immediate access to your cash.

Strong  cash flow not only boosts yields, it also brings down the cost of production and optimises profitability.

With cash on hand you can:

  • Obtain bulk discounts
  • Purchase what you need when you need it
  • Pay staff and suppliers on time

You can switch access to your facility “on and off” as you require it, and only pay for the facility when in use.

This flexibility enables you to manage the ebb and flow of cash required for working capital according to seasonal variations which, in turn, optimises profitability.

A timeous injection of cash can enable you to invest in growing your operation, taking it to ‘the next level’.

Cash in hand eliminates the worry and stress of insufficient funds at the end of each harvesting month. Paying labour and suppliers on time ensures a harmonious efficient operation.

Unlike traditional institutional overdraft and land mortgage offerings, our cashflow acceleration products enable you to obtain funding using your service or product together with your agri performance history, as collateral.

No need to risk your farm or business.

Freedom from frustrating, time consuming bureaucratic applications.

You are not alone, we care.