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Accelerate your Cash Flow

Long payment cycles that do not align with monthly expenses can cause significant cash flow issues.

Accelerated cash flow products that enable you to implement the right business practices at the right time. Boosting profits.

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Early Payment on Delivery


Early Payment on Delivery (E-POD)

How it works:

  • Forward Finance purchases the rights to 80% of your crop or contracting service and pays you on delivery
  • You cede your crop or contracting service proceeds via cession to Forward Finance
  • Your Off-Taker pays Forward Finance according to their standard payment cycles; at which time the remaining amount due (20%), less Forward Finance Fees, are paid to you.


With cost effective cash on hand you will improve your working capital cycle which enables best agronomic business practices that increase yields, early settlement discounts from suppliers and boost profits.


Get Cash for the Season


Cash Flow Facility (CFF)


Cash Flow Facility (CFF)

How it works:
The Cash Flow Facility provides you access to cash throughout the season in order to smooth your cash flow.


To access the facility you may request drawdowns:

  • at any point during the season
  • at intervals of your choice
  • as long as the draw down is within the facility limit


This facility is secured against the estimated verified and/or delivered product cession.


Invest in your future and set yourself up for the next years crop success:

  • Pay deposit on nursery order for new trees or seed
  • Order your fertiliser and chemicals
  • Ride the high wage bill
  • Settle harvesting costs immediately
  • Proactively manage pest infestation
  • Invest in pruning equipment

Let the Power of Cash Start Working for You!